Easy to send reminders

Send personalized reminders which are automatically scheduled. Timely reminders will boost your business by the engagement and effectiveness. You will never forget a birthday or anniversery. Recurring reminders are set once and for all! We save you precious time. With our texting you will increase renewals, set payment reminders and billing notifications. Automated reminders help keeping your subscribers on time. Also you will reduce no-shows with appointment reminders.


Improve your revenue

When you start to use our SMS-texting tool you will find how easy it is to use. If you reach out to more potential groups of clients or customers it automatically gets you more leads and as a result more business.


A powerful marketing tool

B2B Final's texting is a easy but powerful communication tool - everything goes with SMS messages. Explore the possibilities that our text marketing tool gives you. It is a away to reach out to maney new customers and to give services to your old customers. Register and check out some of the possibilities!


Why does
SMS marketing work?

90 %+

or more have their phones within reach all day, every day, (according to a study by Morgan Stanley)

79 %

of mobile phone users check for new messages within 15 minutes of waking up

94 %

of SMS messages are read with 3 minutes of delivery

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Just add your e-mail and phone number, and the service is free.