An easy and effective way of communicating

B2BFinal Provides Communication Tools for Every Stage of Your Business

Acquire Customers

Texting just got a lot
more fun

Our features make it so easy for you to get in touch with your existing and furture customers. By using keywords you can build and expand your list. Forms are used to capture new subscribers. Are you ready to start using text marketing to get to the next level? Set-up your own drip campaigns, recurring marketing messages and more.

  • Text new and future customers
  • Use SMS as you new marketing tool
  • About 98% of text messages are opened and read within minutes of receipt
engage customers

Engage your audience
in a new way

By our SMS-tool you can send scheduled and personal messages and reminders. Send messages with a modern style and include appealing images and videos. Reward your customers who answer by a quick respons. Reaching out to your customers with our tool is the fastest and most effective way of mobile communication.

  • Send personalized and scheduled reminders.
  • Outstanding tool for mobile marketing
  • Get results and icrease your revenue
lover costs

Grow your business

Our SMS-texting is a new way of communicating with customers and staff. The effective and fast direct contact with customers result in more leads and better business.

  • Increase your revenue.
  • Let more people know about your business
  • Reach out to new groups
Operate Efficiently

An additional tool for
any kind of business

Try out SMS-texting and find an effective way of getting your messages out to different kinds of groups and potential customers.

  • Find out how you can use this modern tool
  • Create your different lists for different categories
  • An effective way to get attention

Advance Features

Do not mistake this tool for a traditional and old way of communication.

Give service to your customer

Our texting tool helps you provide better service to your customer. It will also boost their satisfaction and participationen.

Get your audience engaged

The SMS-texting tool helps you connect and engage with your subscribers. Increase your contact with clients

Custumers opinons

Use the tool to reach out and get results! Text to vote is the fastest and most effective way to get feedback from customers.

Just add your e-mail and phone number, and the service is free.