Use SMS texting

Below are some ideas about how to use SMS texting in your activities

You can reach you customers with SMS (text) messaging and get through the noice of other marketing methods. You have a far better chance of getting attention by SMS than via email, pop-ups, banners or direct ads. The open rate for SMS messages are extraordinary high. Some 90% opened the new text within three minutes of receipt. SMS texting is clearly the most efficient tool to get through to your clients. There is simply no other marketing channel coming near to this percentage. Give your customers a discount if they show your text message or introduce a coupon system.
It is not easy to get attention in today’s world of overloaded information. Email is lost as spam or simply missed. Even television is has lost power as a marketing tool. People uses their phones at every occation. You can offer valuable promotions and yet they are ignored. SMS texting helps you to get the right attention.
In comparison with other marketing channels SMS texting is cost-effective. And your information is getting right into the phones of your target group. The best is that most of the SMS messages are opened within three minutes upon receipt. Why waist marketing money for ads in newspapers or radio. Customers that are part of retailers’ SMS campaigns tend to exhibit a higher lifetime value than their counterparts who are not. Start your SMS marketing and you will see an increase of revenue.
According to reports direct mail gets lost, in a flood of information, and has open rates between 2% and 5%. The old-school channels and methods remain but are less and less effective, Retailers must try something new and current to reach their customers. Go for SMS texting!
In the business of restaurants, bars and hospitality the competition is tremendous. Your customers have a lot of options and are constantly confronted with offers and advertisements from your competitors. You really have to get the attention. If not you will jeopardize your business. What can you do to get the most effectively cut through all that other information. Try something new: SMS texting.
Using SMS text messaging is the fastest and most efficient way for companies, schools and big working places to maintain cloto maintain a close contact with their staff, students and communities. A very high open rate of text messaging essentially guarantees a streamlined communication, providing a very efficient method for notifications. And, there is a 90% chance that a text message will be read within just three minutes of receipt. If you compare that to traditional communications channels, SMS texting is fantastic!
SMS text messaging is coming to your rescue! SMS text messaging is one of the most effective ways to get the customer's attention; in addition it’s a relatively new form of marketing in new nice appealing design. Your information will go directly to your customer's pocket and phone. None of the more traditional channels such as newspaper ads, television commercials and billboards etc. can do that. Text message marketing is the best way to get your message noticed; furthermore; 90% of SMS texts will be read within just three minutes of receipt. SMS text messaging for food and hospitality businesses is an efficient new way to get noticed and thereby boost business.
The number of mobile phone users in the world is expected to pass the five billion mark by 2019. The number of smartphone users is forecast to grow to around 2.5 billion in 2019. With our SMS texting tool you can log in and send your information when it suits you and from anywhere. Be sure that your text information will get directly to your target group. And the best: people open a SMS text message!
Yes, we agree. Restaurants, grocers, gyms and other establishments normally relying on traditional channels. It is time for a change! Ads in television and radio ads are not only expensive, but are often perceived by consumers as irritating interruption. The consumer often go directly to their phones instead of paying attention to the ads. Billboards are the same. Who will look at billbords? Emails are often ignored or classified as spam. SMS texting is a cost-effective and efficient tool of marketing.
With SMS text messaging, you will get contact directly with the recipients. They will receive your message where ever they are, on-the-go and review it again later if they need. This immediately boosts the effectiveness of your communication creating a good relation. use our tool when it suits you. It allows you to log in from anywhere. You can even start the text message campaigns from your cell phone: make exclusive offers and customers will respond. Your customers loyalty will increase accordingly!

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